It's Time To Let Go.


​  Getting rid of junk is an overwhelming project. Lots of people tend to want to hold on to items that had value to them at one point. Even though you haven't used your old vacuum cleaner, or ping pong table, or lawn mower in a couple years, while they don't even work, it's still hard to let go. The best way to start a junk cleanup process is by thinking of what you can do with the space that is being taken up. Once you give that space a better reason to exist, then all of the junk that is in the way will end up feeling less valuable. Stop pretending that you will one day use the 3' 11/16" piece of that 2x4 and let it go. If you have a few pallets laying around for a project, then do yourself a favor and toss those too.

Critters and Insects

  Another reason you would want to start cleaning out your garage or cleaning up the shed in the back yard is so that you can keep your house pest-free. We all need shelter, and that includes animals too. Anything that sits in the same place, even for a few weeks, ends up becoming a home to some type of critter or insect. Less clutter = less spiders- I think that's a good enough reason alone, for most.


 A lot of people forget where they place stuff on a daily basis, especially if it's not that important. The biggest problem with that is you can easily store hazardous materials that can be accessible by your children or your pets. Sometimes you may set something up on a shelf so that no one can touch it, but then you forget and try to grab something else causing that item to fall on you. You and I can probably come up with 15 more reasons of why you should always keep a house clutter free. Don't be this guy. -->

If it sounds too overwhelming and you need some help getting started on your                 project then give us a call and we can guide you every step of the way! Our Process is fast and simple.